Cheese Graters!

I can't tell you how many times I have sliced my knuckles with a cheese grater and boy, does it hurt afterwards. I have always tried my best to avoid them, but here lately they have captured my heart in a totally different way. Now, Don't get me wrong..... I WILL NOT be grating cheese or anything else with these. I will be Re Purposing them for my pleasure this time. I have found that there is something about a soft candlelight piercing through all the little holes that is so very romantic and soothing.  It is almost like a thousand little stars shining out for me. Can you imagine using multiple graters on tables at a wedding? Beautiful!!!!
I also love using the grater to hold my flowers and then using the handle for a tea towel holder. Just enchanting in the kitchen! Graters can have so many ways to play with them in decorating your home, especially that laid back romantic porch.
Old cheese graters can be found easily at antique stores, goodwill or thrift stores! Go out and buy at least three for a special summer table setting!!!!


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